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DragonKing Dark and Thrash Metal Show Podcast Feed

Jun 28, 2018

Episode 52 of the When It Was Cool Podcast is back as Karl and Tonya discuss a variety of pop culture topics this week including the anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson, Don Henley and The End of Innocence album, Paul Simon farewell tour, Helen Keller, listener feedback, Boston, and why do people irrationally...

Jun 25, 2018

The world was shocked this weekend to hear of the death of iconic Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul. On this edition of the Thrash Metal Show, host NoFriender talks about the iconic band and it's impact on trash style heavy metal music.

Jun 24, 2018

On this episode of DragonKing Dark we take a look back to the 1970s and 1980s and the fascination with ninjas! What were ninja's really? Did people really believe ninjas had super natural powers? Where ninjas even a real thing? What did the modern era teach us about ninjas? Grab your throwing stars and sword and let's...

Jun 23, 2018

Here is a special that our Patreons have had access to for over a year now- Being A Fan of Rush.  It is a celebration of Rush fandom and music.  If you are a fan of classic rock music, progressive rock, or the Canadian power trio Rush then give this When It Was Cool special a listen.

Jun 17, 2018

A favorite topic of the DragonKing Dark Podcast and host Karl Stern is fear. What are we afraid of and why? We have done shows about this in the past but it seem relevant again with all the social unrest and division in the world and it is our contention that much of it is driven on fear, in particular, keeping you...