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DragonKing Dark and Thrash Metal Show Podcast Feed

Dec 30, 2018

It's episode 146 of the DragonKing Dark Podcast and this is the last episode of 2018. In this episode, host Karl Stern from When It Was Cool takes a look back at some odd and weird news stories from 2018 that we might have missed on a variety of topics including UFOs, true crime, and much more.

Dec 23, 2018

This week around the world, whether secular or religious, many in the world will celebrate Christmas. What are the real origins of Christmas? Is December 25th really Jesus birthday? Is Christmas a re-appropriated pagan holiday? Is it a modern creation? What about Santa Claus? Kris Kringle? St. Nicholas? Why the...

Dec 18, 2018

A bonus special from NoFriender and the Thrash Metal Show Podcast asking the question- Would Megadeth exist if not for Metallica? In January, When It Was Cool will have coverage of Metallica live in concert so prep yourself with this great new Thrash Metal Show Special!

Dec 16, 2018

More discussion this week about the hot topic of artificial intelligence and the problems we may, or may not, be facing in the future from machines that can think for themselves. In other recent news we take a look at more recent UFO sightings, and reports that a portal to another dimension opened up in Australia...

Dec 11, 2018

The NoFriender Thrash Metal Show Podcast is back with a look at the year 1986 in thrash metal music. The Thrash Metal Show Podcast is a documentary style series taking a look at the origins and evolution of thrash style heavy metal music and is presented by